The Battle Begins November 6th!

On November 6th we will launch the crowdfunding campaign for Iron Sky The Coming Race. Our aim to to gather a large part of the films budget through crowdsourcing, enabling us to more tightly control the distribution - so you'll get to see the film when and how you want. The whole campaign will last until we release the film, which is estimated to happen in 18 months from this start. We do the campaign in different phases. The first phase is ran on the crowdfunding platform IndieGoGo and lasts 45 days, starting November 6th. We aim to raise a minimum of $500 000 during this 1st phase and then start the production and continue crowdfunding. Fans who join the campaign will get the upcoming film in a format they want and also an access to Sneak Peek features. There will be also some merchandising and cool production perks.

We will need all the help with this campaign and hope that you'll stay tuned and spread the word!

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