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Iron Sky Quarantine Relief


Now if we can have your attention for just a moment to explain where we are with everything. Iron Sky has been a huge, 10+ year-long project for us, one which has given us so much, but demanded all of our time, effort and creativity. It would be a gross lie to say that we are financially in a very compromised situation because of the corona virus – our problems have started much before that – but the whole situation isn’t helping us at all, that’s for sure.

Currently, we are struggling to keep the franchise going, but without external help, it’s a losing battle, unfortunately. Turns out, building an international franchise is a way more complicated, expensive and taxing business than we could’ve ever imagined back then. Thus, your support is invaluable to us. I know, many of you have already helped us to build these two films through crowdfunding, of which we are eternally grateful, and we are not expecting this courtesy to continue, especially since we haven’t always been able to keep our promises and deliver to the fullest, which pains us tremendously. In order for us to be able to keep going, to keep developing the Iron Sky’s universe – the films, TV-shows and all other stories we have in mind, we are setting up three support products, in case you want to help us stay afloat during this crazy time.

By supporting us with a mere 10€ or 25€, you will alleviate our situation and help us to recover from the tight spot we are at. Or, if you want to go full-on, you can also sign up for our upcoming online crowdfunding seminar – and learn a thing or two from crowdfunding from the pioneers who’ve seen it all. Or, if you just want to help us by spreading the word of Iron Sky, that’s more than great for us. Just grab the link and tell your friends about us, and we’re super grateful. Nevertheless, we keep on keeping on, and making sure more Iron Sky stories are headed your way!

Timo, Tero and the whole Iron Sky team!