About a copyright troll

Iron Sky Quarantine Relief

For years, the Iron Sky team has been fighting against a persistent, borderline obsessed copyright troll who has been doing everything in his power to slow down our operations. He even sued us, claiming ownership over the entire Iron Sky franchise. Obviously he lost the case in the court, and court affirmed that he – an intern who used to work with the first Iron Sky for a while over a decade a go – did not have any ownership over the film or it’s sequel(s). While we won the case, the battle caused a considerable delay with our film which was then in production, Iron Sky The Coming Race, and caused major financial issues to Iron Sky Universe, the company producing Iron Sky franchise films.

The court decision can be read here (in Finnish only, sorry). You can find an English summary and commentary for example on the Kluwer Copyright Blog.

After losing the court case, the person in question has been mostly dormant, but is now back with online harassement and is doing fake DMCA takedowns on our YouTube content, mainly the new film Shoot For the Moon directed by Tuomas Tuppurainen, a documentary on the making of Iron Sky saga.

DMCA takedowns are a legally required process on YouTube and other streaming platforms that fall under US juristiction, which, if submitted, forces the platform to take down the video. A Counter-claim can then be filed to get the content back online. This we have done, and it takes YouTube usually around 10 days to go through the counter-claims and reinstate the movie back online.

The basis of the DMCA takedown most likely is that we have described the court case in the documentary and shown some examples of his harassment in relation to it. All of which fall under fair use (or citation rights in Finnish law) which allow news organizations, documentary film makers etc. to use existing, pre-released material in short segments in relation to the matter. We also decided to not to name the person in the documentary nor to identify him in any other way. He is glad to make himself known, of course, but we decided to protect the not-so-innocent in this case. So to clarify, legally there is absolutely no basis for the takedown.

Again, we are really sorry for the takedown and hope you will understand that it is both illegal and against our wishes.

If you want to watch the documentary in question, please drop email to info@ironsky.net and we’ll send you a downloadable link (for free).

Best regards,

Tero, Timo and the whole Iron Sky team